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The Councillors are elected for a 4-year term and the Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected each May for a one year term. The current Chairman and Vice-Chairman were both elected into those positions in May 2023 All Councillors serve on a voluntary basis and attend the Parish Council meeting on the first Tuesday each month.


Historical: -

The Parish Council welcome Hannah Phipps, Andrew Smallridge and David Gardner onto the council from May 2019.

The Parish Council were sad to accept the resignation of Charlie Radclyffe on August 4th 2020. He was a very active member of the Council and his skills, energy and professional approach to this role will be greatly missed.

On the 1st December, the Council were pleased to welcome Matt Gordon onto the Council as a co-opted member and look forward to working with him. 

 The Council is sad to report that Cllr Hannah Phipps has resigned from the Council as from 4/8/2021

There is currently a vacancy for a Councillor. If you live in or within 3miles of the Parish and have done so for more than 12 months, you may be eligible. If you are interested in getting involved please contact the Clerk for more information. The closing date for applications is Friday 29th October 2021.  

The above vacancy has now been filled. The Council are pleased to announce that they will officially co-opt Hayley Smith on to the Council at the December meeting. They would like to thank all applicants for their applications and their interest shown in this post.

Cllr Hayley Smith was officially co-opted and welcomed onto the Council at the meeting on December 7th.  

The Council  is sad to receive the resignation of Cllr Hayes with effect from 16th February 2023. She has contributed a lot to the Parish and will be missed by the Council. We wish her well in the future. 

Cllrs Smallridge, Gardner and Gordon have decided not to put themselves forward for re - election in May 2023. We would like to thank them for their contribution to the Council's work.



At the May Elections Cllrs French, Morris, Heard, Matthews and Smith were re-elected and were joined by newly elected Cllr Lewis.

The Council have received three applications for the existing vacancies and look forward to officially co-opting Alison Arnold, Rebecca Squire and Terry Anderson onto the Council.


Cllr Paul French


Cllr Karen Morris


Cllr Claire Heard


Cllr Duncan Matthews


Cllr Hayley Smith


Cllr Phil Lewis


Cllr Alison Arnold


Cllr Terry Anderson


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Cllr Rebecca Squire


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