Affordable Housing Research - January 2020 Update

Please note: This new parish council website provides much greater flexibility than the former website.  This has allowed us to make minor changes to the layout of updates, to ease reading.  The content has remained the same, other than minor adjustments to aid clarity.  The original update, as released in January 2020, is available at the end.


January 2020 update: Investigation into the provision of affordable housing and car park

Dunsford Parish Council are investigating the provision of more affordable housing in the village.  The parish council are keen to state that at this stage we are purely gathering information.  Our community will make the final decision about whether to go ahead with such a project.

Stage 1 - Assess the need for affordable housing:  In early 2019, Devon Communities Together contacted all households in the parish and asked them to complete a survey regarding their housing situation and their housing needs.  Devon Communities Together's report on Dunsford's Housing Needs Survey is available here: Dunsford 2019 Housing Needs Survey.  The survey highlighted a need for ten affordable rental properties in the village.

Stage 2 - Consider potential plots of land: The parish council are working with Dartmoor National Park Authority and Teignbridge District Council to consider potential sites around the village.  Discussions with the planning authorities and landowners are ongoing.  Dartmoor National Park Authority conducted a Land Availability Assessment (LAA) in 2017 and the three Dunsford sites can be downloaded here: DNPA 2017 Land Availability Assessment - Dunsford section

Stage 3 - Project viability: If there are landowners who are agreeable to such a potential development then the parish council will conduct a basic consideration of the viability of each site.  Overcoming some challenges such as flood-risk mitigation may make some sites financially unviable.

Stage 4 - Parish consultation: If any sites look potentially viable after considering Stages 2 and 3, then the parish council will work with planning authorities and organisations like Devon Communities Together to prepare a public consultation.  This consultation will probably be initially formed of a public meeting to discuss the idea of providing more affordable housing, the potential sites, the strengths and weaknesses of each site and the financial viability of such a project, including where the funding stream(s) will come from.  We expect that this would be a community event held in the village hall.  Feedback received at that public meeting will determine the next stages of the project.


January 2020 update: Affordable Housing Research January 2020 Update (original version)